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Benefits Of Meditation


Meditation is generally a method of conflict resoluation where the conflicting parties are made to communicate with each other in the presence of a mediator who guides the conversation. A mediator is usually a person who is respected by both parties and has some sort of influence over them. The two parties are made to address their real problems and not just to focus on who is on the wrong or who is right, and they are also made to address their future needs, hence leading to resolution of the conflict by the end of the communications. Here are a few reasons why you should use mediation as your conflict resolution method.


There is more satisfaction of both parties by the kind of settlement that is made. This is because both parties are actively involved in the negotiations and as a result, the settlement is a reflection of the needs and wants of both parties, merged into one. This is in sharp contrast with resolving conflict in court where both parties will have little choice but to accept the judgment made even if neither party is really happy with the said judgment. Know the careers in mediation here!


Another great advantage is that the negotiations are confidential such that it will only be the conflicting parties and the mediator who will be present at the negotiations. Therefore, the issues f the two parties are not made public like in court proceedings which are even sometimes shown on national television if it is a big case, and the whole nation is able to follow your case and also gets to know all about your issues of which some could be very private. Discover more facts about mediation at https://www.huffpost.com/entry/how-to-prepare-for-mediat_b_9982240.


Yet another benefit is that both parties are left feeling better and the relationship between the two parties is preserved. Unlike in court proceedings where the parties mainly attack each other hence leaving each other very bitter and hurt, mediation reinforces positive communication between the two parties by insisting on effective and respectful communication where the parties will be able to understand each other's needs and solve the conflict amicably.


The final benefit to be discussed today is that by using mediation, one can save money that could have been spent on hiring lawyers and facilitating a court case, which can usually turn out very expensive. Therefore, mediation is a better option since you only incur the cost of the mediator and in some family issues where the mediator is a respectable family member, one does not have to pay a dime.


In conclusion, mediation is a great way of conflict resolution skills that yields satisfactory results and helps to restore relationships. It is, therefore, a conflict resolution method you can try the next time you get into a conflict with a business partner, a spouse or a friend.